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The Side-Lifter division services Townsville Port with regards to shipping container movements throughout the Townsville and surrounding areas.

Nortrans has 8 side loaders servicing the local area. We are the only operator legally able to move tanktainers of liquid dangerous goods by a side loader. We also have the only low profile side loaders, which are capable of handling 40-foot containers as well as liquid dangerous goods containers. This advanced side loader means faster service and the ability to legally handle containers to 25 tonne gross weight. Let Nortrans move your containers quickly and efficiently with our leading Townsville trucking services! 

Containerising & Warehousing of freight – including dangerous goods – and transporting it anywhere throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory is thoroughly streamlined thanks to Nortrans and our fleet of side loaders! Simply load your container, give Nortrans a call and let us do the rest! Using Nortrans Side Loading Container Systems saves you time and money! Our drivers operate the side loaders with portable radio remote controls for even greater efficiency and safety. Ask us for details when we take your call.  

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