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Founded in 2016, Beneath the Surface Consulting was established as a business management consultancy specialising in social performance management systems, stakeholder engagement, local and Indigenous workforce participation and strategic planning.

BTS has extensive experience working with industry, all spheres of government, community-controlled organisations and Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander communities, particularly in rural and remote locations.

The experience of our team includes responsibility for leading and managing communities and social performance teams implementing policy and strategies for large-scale mining and infrastructure projects, remote community service delivery, Indigenous agreement-making and implementation, complex community and stakeholder engagement  and relationship management.


We have played key roles in assisting Industry and Government at all levels and communities to build effective working relationships through participatory engagement to co-design strategies across a wide variety of areas including child and family centres, local government corporate plans, local contracting arrangements, local and Indigenous workforce development, youth engagement, strategies to address significant community anti-social behaviours, community-led and cultural governance processes, and land and sea management.

In addition to our own team members, we also maintain an extensive consultant network to draw on experts in business management & accounting, feasibility reviews & assessment, development and delivery of training and e-learning programs, broader community relations and cultural heritage management as required.



  • Social Performance

  • Business Strategy &
    Organisational Effectiveness

  • Local & Indigenous 
    Workforce Development


  • Stakeholder Engagement

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